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What is the ClearVis Pet Gate Compared to Other Safety Gates of High Rating?


We love pets but we don’t like them to get into the entire house. If you have carpets in your home that you don’t wish to be ruined or if you simply want an area fur-free for your guests, a safety gate is the perfect solution. A safety gate can solve your problem in either case.

Safety gates are designed to block access to stairs and doorways for cat and dogs while still allowing easy access for adults. Pet gates are a great tool for pet owners. We’ve decided that we would compare some of our favorite expandable gate models to determine which is the best freestanding gate for you and your dog!

What Makes a Pet Gate Good?

It’s important to consider these four factors when choosing the right gate for your family:

  • Effectiveness. How well does your gate separate areas in your home? It is it possible for adults to open the gate but impossible for animals? How easy is it to install?
  • Durability. How long should you expect it to last? Are customers reporting that the gate is easily broken by them? It can it withstand even the largest of dogs?
  • Aesthetics. Safety gates do not have to be the ugliest part of any room. Does the dog gate add to your home’s sleek appearance or is it an eyesore?
  • Cost. What’s the value of your money? What will the…

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