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Biden can ease border pressure by making legal migration easier


Migrants wait in line at the U.S.-Mexico border
The U.S. border with Mexico is crowded with migrants. (Carlos A. Moreno/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom)

A recent New York Times article (non-paywall version here), my Cato Institute colleague David Bier—a leading expert on immigration policy—explains how President Biden can alleviate pressure on the southern border by expanding opportunities for legal migration:

Donald Trump’s push to have Congress reject a bipartisan immigration agreement to limit border crossings last week was a blow to the deal. This is the latest episode in a long line of similar episodes where one side blows a deal and the other caves in. Biden is determined to end this cycle. But to do so, he needs to fix the policy first.

Trump is betting that voters will continue preferring him as long as the border remains chaotic. He is almost certainly correct. But perhaps it’s chaos, not immigration per se, that upsets voters, and Mr. Biden can curb the chaos by letting more immigrants come to the United States legally….

Some Republicans seem to be content with letting the border crisis continue. Biden cannot blame Republicans only for the collapse of the deal.

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