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Horse Grooming Tips


It’s a universal truth of Horse ownership The dirtier your horse gets, the cleaner it becomes. You can’t get a well-groomed pony by using shortcuts, but you can maximize your results if you groom smarter. Here are some tips for grooming your horse with the skill of a professional.

Grooming Tips to Get a Shiny Fur Coat

Regular grooming will make your horse shine like a star. Some tips and tricks can help you make the most of your grooming session.

Good old fashioned elbow grease from lots of time spent currying will bring out your horse’s natural glow. Photo by Shelley Paulson

If you’re going for the gleam, make good use of your curry comb or grooming gloves. Currying removes deep-down dirt, promotes circulation and helps distribute the natural oils in your horse’s coat. Plus, it’s like a mini-massage for your horse.

Follow with a medium-stiff brush, using short, brisk strokes with an upward flick to lift the dirt and loose hair you’ve brought up with your curry session. Finish with a soft brush to bring up the shine in your horse’s coat.

For your horse to achieve a healthy shine, it needs Quality nutrition. Speak to your veterinarian or an equine nutritionalist to ensure your horse’s diet is optimal.

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