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His Grandma's Life Was in Danger, So This Tiny Pup Scaled a Fence and Found Help!


Carole Eby was 80 years old and had been planning to buy a unit in the same building as Charmaine. Up until then, she was living with Charmaine and her fur-babies — two Maltese Bichons nameed Shadow and Maybelline. Carole’s four-legged grandchildren loved her and she was adored by them, but they never imagined that it would turn into a story about a dog saving his owner.

“They are very protective of Mom,” Charmaine Eby tells Woman’s World. “They follow her everywhere — they even sit outside the bathroom door when she’s in there.”

Charmaine felt more secure knowing that the puppies would watch over Carole if she ever had to leave her home. It was particularly true on a recent summer afternoon, when tragedy struck.

Maybelline stealing Carole’s chair

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes

“Going to run some errands,” Charmaine told her mom. Then giving her pups loving pets, she told them, “You guys take good care of your grandmom.”

Carole went to the kitchen not long after Charmaine was gone. She cooked some chicken. Shadow and Maybelline, as usual, were on her heels.


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