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Highlights from 2023 Legal Trends for Mid-Sized Law Firms report


Since 2016, legal professionals have relied on Clio’s annual Legal Trends Report For an objective and comprehensive analysis of the legal industry trends.

As the legal industry’s most in-depth examination into the state of legal practice, the Legal Trends Report This book provides a critical analysis of the performance of law firms. The book also sheds some light on the forces that shape legal practice.

This year, we’re pleased to provide insights unique for mid-sized law firms by expanding our report offerings with the 2023 Legal trends for mid-sized law firms report. This report helps midsized firms navigate through modern challenges, set themselves apart from smaller firms and discover new opportunities.

The 2023 legal trends for mid-sized law firms report

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. 2023 Legal Trends For Mid-Sized Law firms Report examines what distinguishes mid-sized and smaller law firms. It is difficult to measure success with a single lens. That’s why this report explores key trends across various perspectives, including financial performance, personal and professional well-being, and client relationships. These insights help us identify the biggest challenges that mid-sized firms face and what they can do to overcome them.


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