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The highest cricket centenaries


International cricket has produced some of sport’s most memorable moments. Cricket’s most celebrated achievement is the A century is 100 runs scored in one inning. To consistently reach this milestone, it takes extraordinary skills, concentration and endurance. Over the years, cricket has seen legends who have notched up century after century, etching their names in the annals of the sport’s history. This article will explore the players who have scored the most hundreds in international cricket. We will also celebrate their contributions to the sport.

List of International Cricketers with the Highest Centuries

Sachin Tendulkar The stand alone The only cricketer to score 100 centuries The history of international cricket. Now, let’s explore the names of the top 20 century-makers in international cricket.

List of cricketers with the highest international century:

Players Number of Centuries Duration
Sachin Tendulkar 100 1989-2013
Virat Kohli 77 2008-2023
Ricky Ponting 71 1995-2012

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