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Here’s Exactly How to Prevent Your Plants from Dying When You’re on Vacation


Just because our attention is focused on keeping things steady (ahem, alive) in the garden this deep into the summer, it doesn’t mean we should neglect our leafy loved ones who live indoors—especially if you have travel plans! Every season has its own challenges for houseplants, but the summer heat and your time away can be particularly challenging. 

I asked six of my favourite plant shops, located all over the West and Alaska (yes! ), for their location-specific tips to help keep your plants happy and healthy. From grouping them together to create humidity, to drawing the blinds to diffuse sunlight, and most importantly, resolving not to freak out upon return—this is how to prep before your trip. They’ve even included their current favorite plants just in case you’re looking to add to your own collection… but maybe that’s a better idea for After You return to your home after a trip. 

Whether you’re jet-setting or just need some extra guidance, here are the best ways to take care of your houseplants this summer. 

Californians: Take into consideration your microclimate

Andrew Alvarado, houseplant buyer at Flora Grubb Gardens in Los Angeles and San Francisco, advises to look into the specifics of…

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