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Addiction Recovery: How to Help Your Loved One?


Victor Torres understands drug addiction. As a New York City gang member, Victor Torres was addicted to heroin by the time he reached his teens.

He’s not alone. Our culture is rife with self-medication. Whether it’s compulsive shopping, gambling, an unhealthy desire for sweets, sex, or drugs and alcohol, the number of people who seek an artificial escape from reality is staggering.

Substance Use Disorder affects millions of people each year in the United States. Only 10% of people receive treatment. Nearly a million people have died of drug overdoses since 1999. Individuals and families are responsible for these statistics.

Like Victor. He was in trouble with law by the age of 12, and then he became involved with drugs and gangs at age 14. This led to a seven year heroin addiction. He was on track to become another sad statistic when a pastor started a church in the neighborhood, and Victor’s mom began to attend. She eventually connected Victor with David Wilkerson.The Cross and the SwitchbladeNicky Cruz and Victor were both led to Christ by Nicky Cruz.

Victor went to Bible College where he met Carmen, his future wife. Together, they…

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