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This Fourth of Independence, keep your pets safe.


The Fourth of Jule, as well as other summer celebrations, are usually marked by fireworks, with their loud crackles, flashing lights and unpredictable booms. While the people enjoy this spectacle, pets may be in panic mode. What can you do to keep your pets stress-free and safe when more pets are running away during the Fourth of July?

Pets have a more sensitive hearing than humans, so fireworks will sound louder. Also, pets don’t understand why these unpredictable sounds and lights are happening and, because of this, they regard them as threatening. With the hustle and bustle of guests going in and out of the house, pets can dart out the front or side door, especially when fearful of the sounds—even if you thought you put them safely away in another room.

Make sure that your pet has a microchip You can also find out more about Has a collar with a ID Tag Your contact information. The collar should be secure so your pet can’t squeeze out of it. You should be able to fit two fingers underneath the collar so it’s not too tight, but not so loose that comes off over the head.

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