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Google Hello Morse: Morse Code Learned with Google


In the past we have written several articles on the value of Morse codes. It’s a great tool for survivalists, whether you use it to transmit information in an emergency or to convey a few phrases or words. While it can be intimidating to try and interpret the fast sequences of dashes and dots, it’s actually not that difficult to learn. It’s also easier to learn thanks to resources like Google Hello Morse.

Even with the help of a memory aid, it can be challenging to learn all the combinations in Morse code.

Introduction to Hello Morse

Hello Morse is a collection of “experiments inspired by Morse code on Android Gboard.” Gboard is Google’s name for its touchscreen keyboard, available for Android or iOS. It supports a variety of languages, including Morse. If you have Gboard set up, you can go activate the Morse keyboard and start practicing immediately — it even provides predictive suggestions as you tap out dots and dashes. However, if you want to establish a baseline of skill before diving in, check out the Hello Morse page on experiments.withgoogle.com.

The Morse Keyboard

Tania Finlayson, a Google partner and developer, encouraged coders from around the world to create teaching tools, games, and other experiments using the Gboard Morse Keyboard. These include morse.withgoogle.com/learn — a free app for your phone or desktop browser. It uses pictograms that are easily remembered to show the dot/dash combination for each letter. Then, it asks the user to tap on the correct combination first with and then without the pictograms. You can find a complete list of the pictograms below (click here for a poster size version).

Above: Pictograms to learn Morse Code combinations.

Hello Morse Applications

Hello Morse also has other Gboard Morse applications, like Hello, Emmett!, which is a game in which you guide a figure through a maze typing the correct Morse letters (this only works on phones with Gboard). Watch this video to see Hello Morse at work:

You can find out more about this by clicking here.

  • What is Hello Morse?
    A: Hello Morse is a collection of AI and Chrome experiments inspired by Morse code on Android Gboard.
  • Q: What is 3 dots in Morse?
    A: 3 dots in Morse code signifies the letter “S”.
  • Q: What is the Morse code for SOS?
    A: A distress signal sent in Morse Code is well known. Three short taps are followed by three long tappings and finished with three short tappings.
  • Q: What is Morse code?
    A: Morse code, also known as dots and dashes (or dits and dahs), is a way to encode text characters by using alternating sequences of signals with two different durations.
  • Q: What is SOS in Morse Code?
    A: SOS is Morse code for “Save Our Ship”. It was initially used to alert ships in distress but has now evolved into an emergency signal for any situation.
  • Q: How difficult is it to learn Morse Code?
    A: Morse Code is easy to learn. It takes practice to master the art.

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