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Heirloom Salmon Patties Recipe


INVESTIGATIONS CAN BE DONE WITHIN 5 MINUTES of setting foot in my momma’s house, she’s pulling out everything in her refrigerator, banging pots and pans, heating up the skillet, and fixin’ to feed you. She loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen. Sandra Jean, my momma, was raised and born in Birmingham, Alabama. She moved to South Alabama when she married my dad. The ranch-style house my father built for them was located on the family’s farm. She was an elementary schoolteacher for more than forty years. She enjoys cooking for family, church friends, and even neighbors. She is not only a great cook but also a talented artist. She paints landscapes on canvas in weekly classes at the Senior Citizens Center.

There is plenty in her kitchen with its wood paneling. There are plenty of ingredients, time to prepare and love. Salmon Patties, a special dish made by my mother for my father. He requested them frequently and loved them. I didn’t care for them as a child, but I love them now! She would use HiHo Crackers in the recipe, cause that’s how he liked it. Today, my mom inspires to make delicious meals in the kitchen. Maybe I’ll make…

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