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Children’s Health Care

The area of children’s medicine has seen a number of advancements in recent years, ensuring that high-quality and highly personalized care is available to the region’s youth across a range of specialties.

As with all other aspects of medicine, pediatrics too has seen promising advancements.

Caring for the region’s youngest patients is both an art and a science, as Central Florida health care providers are quick to point out that it takes a certain approach and gentle demeanor to effectively care for children who might be afraid of the medical professionals helping to establish a lifetime of good health care habits at a young age.

“[Our behavioral health consultants] will not only help them deal with this fear, but understand where it’s coming from and how to adjust for the future,” explains Chelimer Miro, enterprise mental health program manager for First Choice Pediatrics. “We help them understand the fear. As part of the job, we increase their awareness of what they are feeling and why. … As soon as they see what we’re teaching them is helping, they are in general reacting a little bit better to that fear and…

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