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Harvard was ranked as the worst for freedom of speech. Here’s what the students are saying


Harvard University came in dead last place on a survey ranking the freedom of speech on college campus, but Fox News interviewed many students who said that they felt it was a safe environment for self-expression.

Verda: “I believe that freedom of speech is encouraged.”

“I really don’t think it’s as bad as people say,” Benny said. “I’ve had conversations with many people who do think it’s that bad but me personally, I think I have a lot of different takes, you know progressive or conservative, in either direction, and I don’t feel uncomfortable saying anything I believe.”


The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) ranked Harvard last in its fourth annual College Free Speech Rankings, which surveyed over 55,000 students from 248 colleges. The Ivy League is the only school that received an “abysmal’ rating of zero out of one hundred. 

One student stated that “people are open to speaking.” “I guess like in any other social situation, there is a level of empathy and respect for other people’s lived experiences that you would assume a socialized person would have, so that’s kind of a key component of the discussion.” 

“But for the most part, you’re engaging in intellectual…

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