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The best campervan heaters to use in autumn and winter


Staying warm in your campervan during the autumn and winter months can be difficult, so if you have an out of summer trip planned it’s a good idea to invest in a new campervan heater.

This blog provides answers to all your questions on campervan heating and the best heaters for your van. 

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What is the best heater for my campervan?

You will have to decide what fuel you want to use before choosing a heater for your van. You can choose between gas, petrol, diesel, electric or wood.

The heating system must work with your van. For example, if you want a diesel heater, it will help if your camper runs on diesel so you don’t have to install an extra diesel tank. Electric heating can only be used if there is a power source available. A vehicle’s battery will quickly drain if the heater is powered by it.

Campervan heaters are available in four different types.

The most common types of campervan heaters include: 

1. Gas campervan heaters

It might be worth considering a gas-powered heater for your campervan. Gas-powered appliances such as a fridge or stove may already be onboard. 

It is important to note that campervans equipped with gas heaters must comply.

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