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Groundwork Exercises that Improve Communication


Groundwork exercises to check Communication between horse and Human Are a vital part of my evaluation new horse Or new horse and rider pair. Riding is a simple process that involves asking the horse to stop, go left or right, or to move. These things can all be done from the ground.

Start with Light Signals

It is important to use escalating signal throughout these exercises. If your horse doesn’t respond to your lightest signal, the volume of the signal should be turned up until he tries giving the proper response, at which point the pressure should be released altogether.

Kinley is positioned next to me, with a nice amount of slack on the lead line. Allyson Weiland

It is important to be very attentive to your horse and notice if even a slight shift in his weight will lead him in the right direction. Your horse will learn faster and more easily if you use this progression and reward system.

Hand Walking Exercise

The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. leading your horseHe needs to be taught to stay with you. Horses can be prone to drag, lag, or…

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