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I have a ’70 ’Cuda, 512˝ wedge, that I
About six times per year, drag races are held. It has a
blow-proof scattershield. Two times now, the
The flywheel ring gear, and the starter teeth.

The snout has been bitten, and the snout is being chewed.
What is the problem?

It is a sad fact that many, if no all,
The housings are available in a variety of sizes and styles.
They are not properly designed. They do not include the
The nose of the starter should be supported.
Simply cantilevered from the two
Mounting points. The mounting points are not only useful for mounting.
Flex the starter, this can help
to chewed-up teeth, especially

The holes are compressed to a very high degree.
Starter are larger than
Mounting hardware is no longer available in their original form.
The purpose of the clamping was to only impart clamping
No radial or circular resistance to loads
I have informed manufacturers about this
all they’d need is to add is a slice of 1/8˝
Cheap steel plate with a hole of one inch
The end of the jig should be properly located and welded into place
This issue is not going to go away. Tomorrow?
It never seems to be.

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