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Good Bones’ Cory Miller Reveals the Root of His ‘Happiness’ Amid Mina Starsiak Hawk Drama


There is nothing that can bring you peace Good BonesCory Miller down. The general contractor revealed his joy in the midst of his drama. Mina Starsiak Hawk.

“They said money doesn’t buy happiness … that’s a lie,” he captioned a selfie shared to his Instagram Story on Thursday, February 1. “Put faith in God and break bread with others. That’s my happiness.”

Cory added his company, Miller Built LLC, to the caption. He’s been sharing sneak peeks of several of his renovation projects lately, including a gorgeous green closet built by hand and a newly paved front lawn for one house.

Back in May 2023, Cory revealed in an Instagram comment that he no longer worked for Mina, 39, and hadn’t for “over three years.” At the time, he assured his followers that “everything is great!” between them. He revealed that he will still be a member of the cast on Good Bones Even though he is focused on his own business.


“We still worked heavily on the show together even after we split,” he wrote in a comment of his working relationship with Mina at the time. “Season 8 is coming soon.”

Season 8 premiered at HGTV on August 20, 2023, after Mina announced in her podcast that it would be…

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