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Glock Slide Options – Best Glock Slides aftermarket for DIY Builds [2023]


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Modifying Glocks is the latest American pastime. Glock pistols are now modified in ways never before seen. Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of Glock slide aftermarket options. There is a Glock slide aftermarket for everyone, from blinged out designs to titanium ones. Let’s take a look at some of the best on the market.

What are the best Glock slide options aftermarket?

Agency Arms Syndicate Slide

The first is an offer from Agency Arms. The Syndicate slides include a stripped S2 and a recoiling spring. The slide comes with the company’s well-designed Agency Optic System. This optical system cut is among the most durable optic cuts available. Some of the key features are a wide variety of adapter plates for optics, a modular rear sight, a larger variety of iron sights and a solid attachment system. These Agency Slides are made from 17-4 steel billets and coated with Diamond Like Carbon.

Agency Arms Syndicate Slide Features

  • Stippled S2 Slid
  • Advanced Optic Cut
  • Modular rear-sight placement
  • Machined from 17-4 steel
  • MSRP: $550
  • agencyarms.com

Aftermarket slides come in all shapes and sizes. So I compiled a list Glock slide aftermarkets from seven different manufacturers who perform extremely well.

Check out the complete list below. Let us know what else you’ve used and what you’ve liked/hated in the comment section.

Zev Technologies Z17 Omen

Zev Technologies Z17 Omen

Zev is a must-have for any Glock aftermarket list. Zev makes several slides. The Z17 Omen, however, is one that I like. The Z17 Omen is pure Zev, as it has an aggressive elegance that doesn’t go overboard. Serrations are placed along the top and side of the slide to improve grip when manipulating. The forward windows reduce reciprocating mass, allowing for a faster follow-up shot placement.

The slides are made from a single piece of 17-4 stainless to tighter tolerances that factory slides. This allows for a more consistent barrel lockup and improves accuracy. The Omen also utilizes ZEV’s patented optic cut, which provides more thread area for keeping your optic securely mounted to the slide.

ZEV Strip Slide Features

  • It is made from 17-4 stainless steel.
  • Lowered ejection port
  • Precision milling tolerances with match-grade precision
  • Accuracy improved
  • Rockwell Hardness is increased by DLC or PVD coatings
  • RMR adapter plates included
  • MSRP: $525
  • zevtechnologies.com

Brownells RMR Cut Slide

Brownells RMR Cut Slide

The Brownells RMR Slide for Glock 19 Gen4 improves the shooter’s ability to operate the slide and aim accurately under harsh conditions. The slide has distinctive wraparound serrations on the front that help to manipulate the slide in order to clear jams or check the chamber. The slide features a built-in mounting for the Trijicon RMR and certain Holosun red dot sights, allowing shooters more speed and accuracy than with standard pistol sighting. 

The slide can come with a “window” cutout on top between the front serrations that enhances airflow to keep the barrel cooler – ideal for hard-working action competition pistols. The window can also help your gun standout from the matte black sea on the firing range if it has an upgraded barrel that features a contrast finish or fluting.

Brownells RMR Cut Slide Features

  • Fits Glock 19, Gen4 and Clones
  • Machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel Bill
  • All models with window and solid top
  • Trijicon RMR Red Dot Mounting Slot, Pr-cut
  • Accepts Holosun HE508T HS507C HS407C
  • MSRP: $239.99
  • brownells.com

Lone Wolf Signature SS 20 Slide

The Lone Wolf Signature SS 20 Slide fits the competition-based Glock 34 and more.

Lone Wolf has been synonymous with Glock modifications for many years. Lone Wolf was the first company to offer aftermarket upgrades for our beloved Glock. Signature is one of their best looking options. Lone Wolf believes that these are their most innovative, interesting and radical slides. 

Signature Series 20 started as a 34-inch slide, which was a proof-of concept. It had an angled nose with open windows on the front. Lone Wolf was so impressed with the prototype, they decided to make it a standard product. It has a tapered tip, angled sliding windows, scalloped cutouts that reduce weight, and aggressive serrations on the slides for maximum grip.

Lone Wolf Signature SS Slide Features

  • Bead-blasted Finish
  • Made from 17-4 stainless steel
  • Made in U.S.
  • Fits Gen3 frames
  • Trijicon RMR optical cut
  • MSRP: $399
  •  lonewolfdist.com

NDZ Performance T.R.O.I. Slide NDZ19

The NDZ Performance NDZ19 T.R.O.I. slide features window cuts.

NDZ Performance manufactures and sells products that are industry leaders in the firearms industry. Their manufacturing facility, which is fully equipped with CNC technology, has two production locations. The company has a large selection of aftermarket parts available for many different guns and platforms.

The NDZ19 t.r.o.i. grabbed my attention. Glock slide.

The T.R.O.I. The T.R.O.I. When it comes to designing (not just another) slide upgrade for one of the most perfected pistol platforms on the market, NDZ has one simple philosophy: “Make sure it works as good as it looks, and it better look good. The NDZ19 is a T.R.O.I. The NDZ19 T.R.O.I. aftermarket Glock slides upgrade is the result of in-house tests, industry analyses, and community-driven researchers.

NDZ19 T.R.O.I. Glock Slide Features

  • Precision-cut tactical serrations provide a non-slip surface with an easy-grip.
  • Port barrels and tops are strategically ported for weight reduction.
  • Trijicon RMR Optic Cut is an industry-standard.
  • Reduced printing and chamfered edges for easy concealment.
  • Ceramic Cerakote Finish
  • The surface is scratch-resistant and non-corrosive
  • Made in USA
  • MSRP: $355
  • ndzperformance.com

Killer Innovations – Velocity Slide

The Killer Innovations Velocity Slide features radical styling and several window cuts.

There are many upgrades that you can do to your Glock 19, but the slide is one of the most noticeable. The slide is the upgrade that has the biggest visual impact. Additionally, except for the trigger, you’re going to handle the slide most of all. Well, change for the sake of change is silly, but when the change is for the better, it’s welcomed. A Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 19 Slide, in this case is a positive change.

Killer Innovation’s new Velocity Slide “Enhanced Grip Feature” cuts will change the way you rack your firearm. E.G.F. Instead of using only traditional serrations, the cuts create a solid wall you can use to rack your slide. E.G.F. Our slide has cuts on the front and rear, so no matter how you rack your gun, a perfect grip will always be there.

Killer Innovations – Velocity Slide Features

  • Red Dot Sight Cutting
  • MDC (Gray/ PVD Coating).
  • Stainless steel 17-4 is the material used for our slide.
  • Weight 8.7 ounces
  • MSRP: 449.00
  • killerinovations.com

Strike Industries Liteslide

The Strike Industries LiteSlide brings accuracy and performance to any build.

Strike Industries LITESLIDE is designed for maximum accuracy and performance. It’s perfect for upgrades or new custom builds. The barrel lockup is consistent and repeatable, resulting in match-grade accuracy. Made in the USA using machined billet 17-4 Stainless Steel. SI LITESLIDE has a significantly lower weight than the factory model. This reduces the recoil force, which allows a faster and more efficient placement of the follow-up. The SI LITESLIDE has been designed with Strike Industries style and durability in mind.

The large aggressive serrations on the front and back of the slide make it easier to manipulate the slide in order to clear jams or check the chamber. The SI Universal Optics Mount allows you to mount many of your favorite optical devices securely and easily without the need to send your slide off to be machined. Also included is a removable plate for customizing. The SI LITESLIDE includes all the screws and posts required for most optics.

Strike Industries Liteslide Features

  • Aggressive serrated front & rear slide ridges
  • Clockwork precision ensures increased consistency in barrel lockup – match-grade accuracy
  • For durability, machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel billets
  • Direct replacement for OEM glock 19
  • Multi-optic sight mount with screws and posts pre-cut
  • Weights less that the factory slide. Reduces recoil and allows faster and more effective follow-up shots.
  • Available in Black or Flat Dark Earth finish
  • Made in USA
  • MSRP: $239
  • strikeindustries.com
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