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This new prayer poem is in the same spirit as Texts of the Holy This is my collection of love poems for a beloved, or The Beloved depending on the way you wish to read them. This is my contribution for the latest collaborative offering of Bayit’s Liturgical Arts Working Group. We all worked together to create this piece. This is part of a collection of offerings that come from the blessings of Amidah.

The poem is below in plain text, for those who cannot see the image. You may be able, if you are familiar with the blessing that we’re using, to link each phrase back to the Hebrew original. You may not understand the meaning of each phrase, but that’s okay too. I hope the prayer-poem will “work” in either case.

These offerings can be compared to a fractal, a kaleidoscope or a word cloud. They also have many facets. We all get different inspirations from the same little prayer. We sometimes base our prayers on the etymology a certain Hebrew word or phrase. We can all take different paths when we use the same Hebrew word. It’s a rich language, Hebrew. We use a particular prayer to talk about. We turn it around and refract our creativity and understanding. Or, we refract…

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