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‘Get a Grip This Season’


Making the right decision when it comes to choosing new tyres is crucial.  Some tyres aim to improve performance as well as road handling, while others have been developed to provide maximum grip on certain surfaces including mud and snow. There is a tyre to suit your needs, whether you are into gamekeeping, land-management, conservation, shooting, or any other rural pursuit.

Take care of your tyres, and they will take good care of you

It is important to take care of your tires and notice anything that seems out of place. This will help you maintain the life of your tires and, more importantly, your vehicle.

  • It is best to check the pressure of your tyres once a week, and when they are still cold.
  • Check for stones or other foreign objects in the tread block. If they become embedded, the casing can be damaged and the tyre will deflate.
  • Uneven wear on your tyres could be a sign of a steering geometry problem. Uneven wear can cause anomalies like the vehicle pulling one way.
  • It is important to always check your…

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