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You may have received an Amazon notice that your subscription to 2600 will expire on September 4. We’ve got some good news.

2600 Magazine offers digital subscriptions available in PDF or EPUB format. They can be viewed by virtually any computer or tablet, ereader device, smartphone or similar device. If you subscribed to 2600 via Kindle then it is best to use the EPUB format to continue receiving the book.

Digital issues are delivered via download. If you subscribe to the magazine or purchase an issue, you’ll receive a link for downloading. We recommend downloading the link to a secure location in case you lose your ereader or it stops working in the future.

Kindle users You can “send to Kindle”. Sending your digital edition to your personal Kindle address is possible. (Your Kindle email address can be found in the Content & Devices section of your Amazon account.) If you haven’t used this feature before, you need to first authorize your email address that you will be sending from. This only needs to be done once. You will be asked for your Kindle’s authorization to receive the issue. Your 2600 issue should be loaded after that.

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