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Garden City of India – Know the City Name


Garden City of India

BangaloreOften affectionately called the “Garden City of India,” The city is a busy metropolis that combines urban development with natural serenity. This moniker is derived from Krishna Raja WodeyarThe 24The th Maharaja Mysore, who recognized the city’s natural splendor and initiated a legacy of horticulture excellence.

Historical Roots

The story of Bengaluru’s garden city title begins with Hyder Ali, A ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. Impressed by the city’s cool and pleasant climate, he planted the seeds of this green legacy by creating the iconic Lalbagh garden. His son, Tipu Sultan, carried forward this vision, expanding the garden’s beauty. During the British Colonial era, the cityscape was adorned with a number of green spaces and parks, which further cemented its reputation.

Gardens in the Garden City of India

Bengaluru is home to a wide range of gardens and green spaces. Here are some of the city’s most famous ones:

  1. Lal Bagh This iconic garden features a fascinating collection of flora.
  2. Bugle Rock: known…

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