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FYI, This Is the ‘It’ Flower That Will Be Trending All Summer Long


Trends are everywhere—even when it comes to flowers. One year a particular bloom is flourishing, and the next, it’s compost. This year, we suggest planting ranunculus in your cut flower garden or arranging the blooms in your favorite vase. Not only are these flowers easy to grow, it’s impossible not to love their ruffled blooms and citrus scent. 

According to Floral Daily ranunculus has risen in popularity thanks to its long vase life and vast array of colors—including Pantone’s Color of the Year. Meanwhile, there’s a whole book devoted to the flower, Ranunculus: Beautiful varieties for Home and Garden By Naomi Slade. Brides love carrying them down the aisle. On Instagram, #ranunculus has almost a million posts, and there are countless tutorials on TikTok. (Some people even have the flower tattooed on their arm.) 

Georgianna lane is the photographer. Reprinted with the permission of Gibbs Smith.

“There’s a real appreciation of classic blooms at the moment and ranunculus fits in with that really well,” says author Slade. “There’s a voluptuousness and elegance to them. They’re a glamorous flower.” 

You can order ranunculus corms online or at local garden centers.

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