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My car is a Fury III convertible from 1967. I am a devoted fan of the 1967 Fury III convertible.
What would you consider the most appropriate?
Best disc brake conversion kits for use
replace the 9˝ manual drums? What is the difference between a 9″ manual drum and a 10″ manual drum?
I bought the car brand new. I have 16˝ ARE rims
that clear on the car from a 1970 ’Cuda
I was scammed out of. I will only go
Do this only once, and do it right
Slotted or maybe drilled? I would like maximum
stopping power. I was going to put
14˝ rotors on the front and 12˝ on the rear
but it looks like I may need 17˝ rims for
the 14˝ rotors. I would also like steel braided
Brake lines are available for the front brakes and the rear brake.
The kits do not need to have two rear kits unless they are a special kit.
I’m not seeing how that would work.
Also, I’d like to know whether there is any way.
To bolt the overdrive of a 512 to the
existing 727-A so I can keep my four-pinion
Planetary gearset? I used to be a subscriber of
It’s been a while since I picked it up.
There may be some items I missed when I was in the store
This is a list of tech articles. The 340 and the 727-
AHD are from a 1972 ’Cuda.
I have the originals on a 5th Ave.
The passenger side of the vehicle was dissolved by ethanol
frame rail so I can run it.

Whew! What to start with? What to start with?
are 11˝, not 9˝. There’s not a whole lot of
Upgrades to C-body brakes aftermarket are available, but
Bergman is a good example of a supplier.
Auto Craft Inc., Scarebird
etc. Look at what they’ve got. What they have is for my enjoyment.
money, on a smallblock C-barge, I’d sure
use stock ’72½–’73 discs (complete),
these are beefy 11¾ X 1¼˝ unicast rotors.
Out back, the junkyard disc exchange (Liberty).
Back in the day, we had outlined several issues.
It’s all right. Sure, you can probably go
The smallblock is larger but in a beached
It is impossible for a whale to go over 150 MPH. So…
why? Especially with 16˝ wheels, there will
Cool off with lots of air.

Only one rear disc is required for fixed caliper rear brakes
The center brake hose. There are three sliders required.
Hoses and flex lines are both acceptable options. Keep in mind that any
A disc swap requires a power source that is specific to the disc
Booster to stop the booster running
Out (going Solid)
There’s no way to bolt a 518 OD on a
727 case. Many 518s have beefy interiors
It’s better than the original.
stock ’72 340 A727-A. The components
The OD assembly was mainly located in the front of the OD assembly.
727 “sourced.”

The last sentence you said totally went over my head
head. I’ll save my usual wisecracks, but
I can’t help you at all with ethanol-dissolved
steel. Please note that I have tried to personally reply.
You sent an email but your address was incorrect
Bounced as non-existent

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