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Podcast Fuelling Around: Greg James talks about his Radio 1 career, his BMW M5 and his love of it


As the final guest in series six, award-winning podcast Fuelling Around, BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James will join hosts Jason Plato & Dave Vitty.

James is best known as the voice of BBC Radio 1’s breakfast show, a role he has held for five years, and for co-authoring the popular children’s book series Kid Normal along with Chris Smith.

The 37-year old explains why he almost left Radio 1 because he had to hide his passion for cars due to his job, and how much he loves his E34 BMW M5 1994.

Greg James reveals the extravagant purchase he made following the pandemic

During the episode, James detailed his post-pandemic purchase – a E34 BMW M5 – and how he doesn’t regret it for one second.  

“I really like all the cars I liked when I was about seven, and all the cars that my mum and dad couldn’t afford,” James proclaimed. 

“So I recently got an old M5, which is the most amazing thing I’ve ever driven in my life because it was inspired by the film Ronin, which has the greatest car chase ever.

“In my head I’ve always wanted one of those cars, and I thought ‘do you know what, one day we’re all going to be dust’, and I just wanted to have a go in one of those cars. I’ve got an old M5, an E34.

“It’s the most fun…

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