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Free Kindergarten Math Games


By Aimee Sawyer, Product Marketing Manager at Khan Academy Kids and former teacher

Get hundreds of fun, free kindergarten math games with the Khan Academy Kids app.

Count the cones and tap them

By tapping each ice cream scoop one at a time, kids can learn about 1:1 correspondence. Each time they tap the scoop, a corresponding number will appear above it. This activity, and many more, can be found in the free Khan Academy Kids app.

How many marbles do you have?

How many circles do you see? Tap each circle and watch as the number grows. This activity and many more are available in the free Khan Academy Kids app.

Find the toy chest containing five socks

As kids become more familiar with numbers, they’ll be able to quickly choose the drawer that has 5 socks—without counting. This activity, and many others, can be found in the free Khan Academy Kids app.

Trace six

Kids can learn their shapes by tracing the numerals. Find this activity in the khan Academy kids app.

Add more fruit to the jar by tapping it.

Which jar has the most oranges? Kids can practice comparing by counting how many oranges are in each jar. To help children learn to compare numbers, there are numerals to aid in their recognition. Find this activity, and many more in…

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