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K-2 free reading comprehension worksheets


Aimee sawyer, former teacher and Product Marketing Manager of Khan Academy Kids

Download the free worksheets on reading comprehension by clicking here.

The kids love to hear stories! But are they really understanding what they read or what’s being read to them? Comprehension is an essential skill—not just for reading, but for all other subjects as well (National Reading Panel). Khan Academy Kids helps enrich storytime by teaching reading comprehension, one skill at time. You can find reading comprehension worksheets, free lessons, and other resources below. These include skills like making predictions, identifying key details, and learning about characters.

“Comprehension is the reason for reading. Readers who can read but cannot understand or relate to the text they are reading are not reading. Good readers are both purposeful and active and have the skills to absorb what they read, analyze it, make sense of it, and make it their own.”

Reading Rockets

Finding key details

In a story, the key details are important. The key details are the answers to questions such as who, what and when. When the reader has answers to basic…

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