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Four Key Takeaways From Trump’s Civil Fraud Testimony Monday


The former president Donald Trump was a mess on Monday when he appeared as a witness in the civil fraud lawsuit brought against him by New York Attorney general Letitia James.
Especially if it’s a treasure hunt map in which the valuations of the treasure are inflated and the shiny metal inside the chest is fool’s gold.
In the trial, which began early last month, James claims that financial statements filed by Trump between 2011 and 2021 fraudulently inflated the value of assets so he could obtain favorable bank loans while undervaluing others to cut his taxes.
Trump’s goal on the witness stand was to puff up his chest as a defiant victim for political purposes. This could spell the end of his case.
The four things that he has said about the judge, attorney general and court proceedings are:
  1. He knows his case is lost and that he’s going to get socked with something close to the full $250 million judgment;
  2. Trump’s usual trick “When trapped, distract,” doesn’t work in court.
  3. He has no other legal option but to appeal.
  4. His political play is to his MAGA base as a pugnacious anti-establishmentarian. If he gets re-elected, he’ll stiff the state and the court in whatever way his 2025 plan for lawless…

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