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The summer break is the last chance for some Mississippi students to move up to fourth grade.


JACKSON, Miss. —  Each year, more than 30,000 third graders in Mississippi gear up to take a statewide reading test, part of the state’s Literacy-Based Promotion Act.

According to the Mississippi Department of Education, a little over 75 percent of students were able to pass the test in their first attempt earlier this year. The children were among the thousands of students who began fourth-grade this month.

Issiah Tyler, both 9-year-olds, from Jackson did not pass their reading test the first time or on a second attempt. The question of which grade to attend became more complex. 

“Tyler did not enjoy reading at first. So, when he took the test the first time, he got tired of reading and just started clicking answers so he could finish,” said his mother, Kawanda Caldwell. Tyler performed better on the second test, but his mother still felt he needed to work more on his reading comprehension and speed.

Tynisha Sumrall’s son, Issiah, who was diagnosed with autism, also took the test two times. Sumrall said she wishes her child’s school had done more to prepare him.


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