Home Technology Mixing the aileron and rudder can make your flight more efficient!

Mixing the aileron and rudder can make your flight more efficient!


Adverse yaw, as the name suggests, is a condition that can be unfavorable or adverse. It delays soloing, among other things. In the past, student pilots were expected to practice and struggle for many hours before they could solo. Unknowingly, and unnecessarily novice pilots have had to deal with the added challenge of adverse yaw. The lack of correlation between the control inputs/intentions of novice pilots and the response from the plane was often attributed to wind or a need for more training. However, adverse yaw is a major factor.

This article explains how to use aileron/rudder mixers to eliminate the adverse yaw. The inherent opposite yaw is most noticeable when aileron deflections are made on aircraft with flat-bottomed wings, like those used in primary flight training.

It’s probably safe to say that most of the people reading this learned to fly at the side of a recreational flier/instructor with little pre-flight preparation. As a result, most pilots are conditioned to “reacting” to what the airplane does, as opposed to having a plan and pro-actively controlling…

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