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Florida’s BEST Standards: Custom-curated courses for your state


📣 Attention 📣 Florida educators, learners, and parents! We are delighted to share more exciting news with you:  Khan Academy has just launched three groundbreaking Mastery-enabled courses, exclusively designed for the Sunshine State! Our custom-curated FL BEST 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade courses have been thoughtfully crafted to align with Florida’s prestigious BEST standards, paving the way for an unparalleled learning experience. Now we have FL BEST custom-curated courses from Algebra 2 to 3rd grade mathematics. Get ready for an amazing journey of engagement, discovery, and academic excellence.

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Why mastery-enabled course?

At Khan Academy, we believe that every student deserves a personalized learning journey—one that empowers them to grasp concepts at their own pace and unleash their true potential. These courses are based on the vision of empowering learners to master skills, gain a deeper understanding, and move forward with confidence. Our courses encourage critical thinking, creative exploration, and problem solving.

Aligning with FL Best…

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