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Spirit of Innovation in Floating life


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Since its founding in 2002, Floating Life is setting a new standard for yachting. Floating Life, a boutique firm founded in Switzerland in 2002 by Andrea Pezzini & Barbara Tambani is a company that provides 360-degree management and technical services to the global nautical industry.

Floating Life, a family office that offers tailored solutions to meet every client’s wish, is managed by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in various yachting fields. Floating Life has achieved ISO 9001 certification for the quality and professionalism of its yacht management services.

“We wanted to create a company and make it different,” explains Andrea Pezzini, director and co-founder of Floating Life. “Previously, the yacht management was mainly focused on captains. Instead, we work for yacht owners and control everything on their behalf, allowing them to enjoy the boat.

The roots of Pezzini’s family have been at sea since 1800 and Floating Life is today the result of all that heritage of culture, experience and passion made available to each customer.

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