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I think I’m having a ground or switch
problem on my ‘69 GTX. When I turn on the
Headlight or parking light switch on: 30-40%
My dash lights dimming.
My directional lights [turn signal lamps

  • ed.] High beams and dash lights
    Illuminate, not brighten but dim. If I roll the
    Dimming switch: they dim even more.
    All exterior lighting, including low/directional and directional lights.
    high beams work perfect nice & bright. I
    All light grounds should be checked
    The harnesses on the new bikes are also brand-new.
    We would appreciate any suggestions.

    Best guess: Loose screws on I.P.
    Printed circuit board. You can probably
    The panel should still be in place when you tighten the panels.
    Although success depends on you
    Flexibility and dexterity are personal qualities.

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