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First all-female team to compete in Around-the-World Yacht Race


Tracy Edwards on Maiden

Whitbread Round the World Race has never had a female crew. They believed that a female-only crew would have too much to deal with. The other male crew members in the yacht race doubted that an all-female team would be able even to cross finish line. Tracy Edwards’ all-female team not only finished the race, but also placed first in two of the six legs. They were second in their class.

Whitebread Round the World Race

It is a race for yachts that started in 1973. Every three to four years it is held, and the race involves sailing around the world on a yacht. In 2001, the name of the race changed to Volvo Ocean Race. The yacht race officially changed its name to The Ocean Race in 2019. The participants leave Europe during the autumn. Each yacht is manned by its crew 24 hours per day. It could take up to 20 days between cities for this to happen. The race is completed in approximately nine months.

The Dream Begins

Tracy Edwards, in her late teens had sailed 249,000 miles across the ocean. She made friends with sailors from Greece after finishing school. She was told about…

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