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I have a rebuilt Chrysler 440 from a 1967 Chrysler 300.
It was originally equipped with a fan clutch.
The attached image shows the object. [*, ed.]. The
The water fan is a part of the water
pump. I can’t for the life of me figure out
How to disassemble the device. Before I pulled

The fan and engine of the Chrysler.
Water pump worked perfectly. My question is,
Would this fan be good to use on a plane?
What are the alternatives to a rebuilt engine?

On the picture, it is clear that the clutch is in place.
isn’t original, which may or may not be a
It is a bad thing. It is only good if it is good.
Significant torque is required to rotate, but minimal
Use it for wobble/slop, sure.
fan, as long as it isn’t bent.
The clutch hub is simply corroded
onto the water pump’s nose. Pry the nose off.
The clutch hub is between the water and the water.
Pump pulley. Don’t try to remove the pump pulley yourself.
The blades can be yanked. This would have
The water pump is still easier to use
bolted up.

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