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Top 100 prospects: Family Tandems

Top 100 prospects: Family Tandems

Guardians outfielder Jaison Chourio The younger brother joins the older brother Jackson Chourio On the May update to the Top 100 Prospects.

Jackson is the Brewers’ everyday center fielder and is a few weeks away from graduating from prospect status. He and Jaison will be the only siblings in the Top 100 Prospects to have the same ranking. 

There were two more examples of brother-sister tandems that ranked in the Top 100 Prospects. The exercise dates back to 1990.

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In 1996 and 1997 both Vladimir You can also find out more about the following: Wilton Guerrero Rankings of the Top 100 Prospects In 2016, Kyle You can also find out more about the following: Bradley Zimmer Both made the list.

There were 15 brother combinations that ranked among the Top 100 Prospects in their respective careers. In alphabetical order the oldest brothers are listed first. The number of Top 100 players and their highest ranking are listed for each player.

Brother Who were Top 100 Prospects

Oswaldo Arcia, OF, Twins | 1x | Peak: #41 in 2013
Orlando Arcia, SS, Brewers | 2x | Peak: #8 in 2016

The Venezuelans are a study of contrasts. Oswaldo played as a corner outfielder in the MLB for four seasons. Orlando, on the other hand, is the Braves’ regular shortstop. 

2x | 2x | Peak: #97 in 1993
Peak: #81 by 1997| 1x | Peak: #81 in 1997

The Boones are part of a baseball family with three generations, including their father Bob and grandfather Ray. Bret was a keystone hitter with a lot of power (252 homeruns), he won four Gold Gloves, and he finished third in the American League’s MVP race in 2001. Aaron played in MLB for 12 years, was on the all-stars team and hit the walk off home run to win the 2003 ALCS. Aaron, now the manager of the Yankees has guided New York into postseason appearances during his first five years at the helm.

Jackson Chourio (OF, Brewers) | 2x | Peak: #2 in 2024
1x | 1x | Peak: #100 on May update

Jackson plays every day for MLB at the age of 20. Jaison, 18, is now emerging as one of the top prospects in Low-A Lynchburg.

JD D Drew, OF, Cardinals – 1x | 1x | Peak: #1 in 1999
Peak #91 in 2000| 1x | Peak: #91 in 2000
Stephen Drew, SS, D-backs | 1x | Peak: #5 in 2006

JD was the first brother to ever be selected in the same round. JD didn’t sign with the Phillies, and Tim bounced around as a journeyman who logged 84.2 big league innings. JD won a World Series ring with the Red Sox in 2007 while Stephen did so in 2013.

2x | 2x | Peak: #26 in 2011
4x | 4x | Peak: #53 in 2016

Tom Gordon pitched in MLB for 21 years as a righthander. His two sons, both middle infielders with left-handed bats who played the outfield as well to increase their versatility, are left-handed hitters. Dee stole over 336 bags during his time in MLB, and he led the National League for steals on three occasions. 

Vladimir Guerrero, OF, Expos | 3x | Peak: #2 in 1997
Peak: #49, 1997| 2x | Peak: #49 in 1997

The Guerreros played together for the Expos in 1999, 2000 and 2003. Vladimir was a right fielder with a powerful arm who was considered one of the most talented players of his era. He was also a winner of an MVP and made nine All-Star teams. Wilton, a utility player with a switch-hitting style of hitting the ball, is now a well-known trainer in Dominican Republic.

Josh Jung, 3B, Rangers | 4x | Peak: #26 in 2022
Jace Jung, 2B, Tigers | 1x | Peak: #81 in 2024

Josh is a rookie third baseman with the 2023 World Series champion Rangers. Jace, on the other hand, is an aspiring major leaguer at Triple-A Toledo. Both were Texas Tech’s first-round draft picks.

Braves 1B | 1x | Peak: #73 in 2004
Andy LaRoche: 3B, Dodgers. Peak: #19 from 2006 to 2007.| 4x | Peak: #19 in 2006 and 2007

Adam and Andy LaRoche were born to Dave LaRoche. Adam had 25 or more homers six times in his 12 years of playing in the big leagues, and twice he surpassed 30. He was also an above average first baseman. Andy was seen as more of a MLB prospect, but he never made it to the top. He spent just one season in MLB. They were Pirates team-mates for a part of the 2009 campaign. 

Nathaniel Lowe 1B, Rays, 1x | 1x | Peak: #97 in 2019
Peak: #4 in 2022| 1x | Peak: #44 in 2022

Both Lowes were drafted by the Rays in 2016. Josh was drafted in the first round from high school, and Nathaniel in the thirteenth round from Mississippi State. The Rangers’ 2023 World Series champions, the Rangers, had a Gold Glove-winning first baseman. Josh enjoyed a breakout 2023 season as the Rays’ right fielder but got a delayed start to 2024 because of injury.

Peak #99 in 2019| 1x | Peak: #99 in 2019
Peak #68 in 2023| 1x | Peak: #68 in 2023

Both Naylors came out of the same Toronto area high school as first-round selections. Today, Josh anchors the Guardians’ lineup, while 24-year-old catcher Bo is learning the ropes in MLB. Last year, the Athletics picked their younger brother Myles as the last pick in the supplemental round.

Peak: #85 in 2003| 1x | Peak: #85 in 2003
Peak: #94, 2004| 1x | Peak: #94 in 2004

The Nix Brothers played in MLB part-time for 18 seasons. Laynce, a left-handed outfielder and center fielder for the Rangers & Brewers in his early career, was also a part-time player. Jayson played as a utility infielder for eight different teams.

Peak: #2 in 2004| 2x | Peak: #2 in 2004
Peak #2 in 2006| 2x | Peak: #2 in 2006

BJ was selected second overall in 2002 while Justin received the first overall selection three years later. They are now the highest drafted brothers in history. Each enjoyed long-term careers as MLB stars. BJ was a defensively strong center fielder, who hit 20 home runs four times. He also stole 300 bases in his career. Justin was an excellent runner early in his career, but he developed into a corner slugger prototype who hit 325 homers.

Jeff Weaver, RHP, Tigers | 1x | Peak: #51 in 1999
Peak: #57, 2006| 1x | Peak: #57 in 2006

Ramon Martinez and Pedro Martinez have been the most prolific brothers in the Baseball America era. However, the Top 100 was not available when Ramon Martinez first became a prospect. The Weavers are the top two siblings pitching prospects. They were both selected in the first round. Both enjoyed long MLB careers as reliable starting pitchers. Jeff’s career was a workmanlike one, except for his postseason 2006 performance with the Cardinals. Jered dominated the Long Beach State baseball team and quickly made his way through the minor leagues. He was an ace for a few strong Angels’ teams, and one of the best all-around pitchers in American League during his peak. He finished top five in Cy Young Award votes in 2010, 2011, and 2012     

Dmitri Young, 1B, Cardinals | 4x | Peak: #12 in 1993
Delmon Young, OF, Rays | 4x | Peak: #1 in 2006

After being drafted No. Delmon, who was drafted as the No. The third place in 2004 was held for four consecutive years. He had several solid MLB seasons but he never lived up expectations. He was reduced to platoon status by his mid-20s. Dmitri’s older brother, who was the fourth pick overall in 1991, enjoyed a better career with 171 career homeruns, two all-star selections, and two all-star nominations.

Kyle Zimmer, RHP, Royals | 4x | Peak: #23 in 2014
Bradley Zimmer, OF, Guardians | 2x | Peak: #31 in 2016

Both Zimmers, who were picked in the first round of selection at the University of San Francisco two years apart, are still playing baseball. The majors were not a place that either Zimmer found themselves. Kyle’s arm injuries kept him from reaching the top 100 in 2016.

Top 100 Prospects: Relatives

Kelvim Escobar, RHP, Blue Jays | 1x | Peak: #67 in 1997
2x | 2x | Peak: #12 in 2010
1x | 1x | Peak: #56 in 2014
Ronald Acuña Jr., OF, Braves | 2x | Peak: #1 in 2018

Acuña is the most prominent member of the incredible baseball family from La Sabana, Venezuela. He shares a family connection with the Escobars, who have produced three Top 100 Prospects: Kelvim Alcides Edwin. Ronald is also older brother of Mets Prospect Luisangel. Luisangel has ranked among the Top 100 in various updates during the season. 

The Acuñas are also cousins with the Garcias, the most prominent family member being current Royals third baseman Maikel. 

Erick Aybar, SS, Angels | 3x | Peak: #39 in 2005
Wander Franco, SS Rays, 4x | 4x | Peak: #1 in 2020 and 2021

Franco was raised in Bani, Dominican Republic with his uncle Erick. Aybar’s brother Willy also played in MLB but never ranked as a Top 100 Prospect.

Fathers and Sons who were Top 100 Prospects

1x| 1x | Peak: #31 in 1997
Daz Cameron, OF, Astros | 1x | Peak: #74 in 2016

Rays | 2x | Peak: #59 in 2002
Peak #63 in 2024| 1x | Peak: #63 in 2024

Delino DeShields, 2B, Expos | 1x | Peak: #12 in 1990
Delino DeShields Jr., 2B, Astros | 1x | Peak: #99 in 2013

Vladimir Guerrero, OF, Expos | 3x | Peak: #2 in 1997
Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 3B, Blue Jays | 3x | Peak: #1 in 2019

Andruw Jones | 3x | Peak: #1 1996 and 1997
Peak: #24 by 2023| 1x | Peak: #24 in 2023

George Lombard OF, Braves 4x | 4x | Peak: #26 in 1999
Peak: 99 on May update| 1x | Peak: #99 on May update

Raul Mondesi, OF, Dodgers | 4x | Peak: #14 in 1991
Adalberto Mondesi SS, Royals: 3x | 3x | Peak: #28 in 2015

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