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Faith, Works, & Lent

Faith, Works, & Lent

Two weeks have passed since the beginning of Lent. By now, hopefully, we’ve begun to understand that Lent is more than just not eating meat on fridays and avoiding sweets. Lent is a time that the church provides us with as a kind of spiritual bootcamp, so that we can develop the spiritual strength necessary to grow into heroic virtue.

The virtue of Faith is important, but deserves some special attention. Faith illuminates the minds and hearts of Christian followers so that they can better recognize and understand truth. Faith strengthens our will so that we pursue goodness more fervently. Faith prepares us for the journey to our eternal destination. Faith is a pre-requisite virtue that, if we allow it to do so, will transform our entire life. It will also incite other virtues. It is therefore a virtue that should be emphasized during these weeks of penitence.

While pondering the connection between faith & Lent, several truths come into stark relief. These truths include the fact that faith does not protect us from suffering. Faith is actually tested by suffering. The letter of St. James reminds us that followers of Jesus will “meet trials of various kinds.” Still, we…

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