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Explore LGBTQ+ San Juan, Puerto Rico

Explore LGBTQ+ San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the most welcoming destinations in the Caribbean to LGBTQ+ travelers. This appeal continues growing.

“Puerto Rico embraces diversity in every sense of the word; it’s built into our DNA as a destination,” said Leah Chandler, chief marketing officer at Discover Puerto Rico (discoverpuertorico.com), the destination’s tourism marketing organization. “The Island boasts a lively LGBTQ+ scene, with plenty of activities and attractions that promise a diverse and inclusive experience, ultimately earning us recognition as one of the top gay-friendly destinations in the Caribbean. As a domestic destination, we offer a unique cultural experience and are hassle-free. After all, there’s no currency exchange or passport needed for U.S. citizens, plus the LGBTQ+ community enjoys the same rights as those in the mainland United States, [including] anti-discrimination laws and same-sex marriage.”

Currently, San Juan is experiencing something of a boom in LGBTQ+ owned and gay-friendly businesses, as more investors recognize the destination’s growing potential. The latest surge of gay-friendly businesses and LGBTQ+ owned businesses has benefited both tourists and locals.

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