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Exercises for small Riding Spaces


Shoshana R. Rudski

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. Winter months It can be difficult. It’s hard to keep your horse from getting bored with the repetition of ring work, especially in places that rely on small indoor arenas. These two exercises can be used by riders in all disciplines, including pleasure riding!

They’ll help keep you motivated to keep going through the colder months and keep your horse’s brain and body engaged. You only need four cones or other objects and eight poles to set up the ring.

Exercise No. Exercise No. 1: Transitions & Accuracy

Whether you’re preparing to trot down the centerline or take on the trails come spring, nailing your transitions is a perfect winter goal to get you ready for the sunnier days ahead, and this versatile and easy-to-set-up exercise will come in handy. It can be done on a circle of 20 meters or a large oval for riders and horses who are more experienced.

What You’ll Need:

Eight poles
Four cones (we used fake stones here) or other markers.
Four trot poles evenly spaced at 4.5 feet are ideal.
Four canter poles should be evenly spaced out, approximately 9 feet apart.
Set up 4 cones, or any other object in a rectangular shape.

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