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Exclusive: Golf writer says staff 'went ballistic' over story on pregnant golfer's pro-life, Christian views — and outlet's higher-ups refused to run it


Amy Olson, a professional woman golfer from the United States, attracted a lot of attention when she played in the 2023 U.S. Women’s Open held at Pebble Beach last month while pregnant with her first baby. One story about Olson, however, never made it to the media.

Steve Eubanks, a former senior writer at Global Golf Post and former managing editor of Global Golf Post+, told TheBlaze that he “resigned on the spot” when the executive editor and publisher insisted that his interview with Olson would only run “if we take out the abortion and the Christian stuff,” referring to the golfer’s comments about her faith and pro-life views.

Olson and Eubanks claim that the interview was withheld on two occasions by different media outlets.

What are the details of this?

Eubanks is an Atlanta-based columnist and author. He was asked to cover the U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach, California, this year, for the first. Eubanks chose Olson to be the subject of the piece. She would be competing in July’s event while she was expecting her first baby with Grant Olson.

Eubanks had a lot to say about the LPGA player, but he knew one thing.

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