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Even a tiny living room can feel like a 5-Star hotel with these 10 chaise longues


Martin Morrell.

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There is nothing more inviting than a large, deep sofa. But there’s something to be said for being intimately held by a freestanding chaise longue. If you’ve ever enjoyed a TV marathon from a chaise, you surely agree, and if not, allow us to explain. 

For one, you don’t have to share with others—it’s all yours. You don’t need to live with the stress of losing your phone between the cushions, because it’s just one long slab of seat. And at almost the same size as a twin bed, it’s highly nap-friendly. It is still smaller than a couch, which allows for more floor space. A chaise lounge is the ideal place to spend a lazy Sunday. 

Whether you’re looking to introduce one to your living room (they make for great conversational seating across from a sofa), add one to your home office so you’re not stuck in your desk chair all day, or create a luxurious sitting area in your bedroom, there are plenty of plush options to choose from. The more traditional roll-arm designs like Lulu, and…

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