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Ethereum Insider: ‘Dominoes Begin To Fall’ With Other Whistleblowers


The crypto community awaits with great anticipation the next moves of Ethereum insider Steven Nerayoff. In recent months the former ETH Advisor has made a number of serious allegations, and provided preliminary evidence. Nerayoff has filed a lawsuit to address his fraud accusations against Buterin and Lubin. This could be the next step.

Nerayoff has repeatedly hinted that a lot of things are happening in the background in his posts. In his latest series of statementsNerayoff has escalated again his accusations against Ethereum’s co-founders.

Nerayoff’s statements suggest ongoing background activities, implying that more information is yet to surface. Addressing the severity of the allegations, Nerayoff said, “The truth is so bad that they can’t show on-chain data that would prove I’m lying about the DAO Hack being an inside job.” He added, “They know that we know even this heist is the tip of the iceberg. Their silence has never been more deafening.”

The DAO Hack, a pivotal event in Ethereum’s history, is now being labeled as an inside job by Nerayoff. This accusation is particularly provocative as it implicates Vitalik Buterin with orchestrating the hack. However,…

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