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Enjoy your journey

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Enjoy the Journey

Are you desperate to find a certain yoga posture? Enjoy the journey and take your time. By Diane Ashfield

You’ll want to do it as quickly as possible if you have an asana or yoga pose you dread. It’s exactly the same when we go on holiday, we just want to click our fingers and we’re there – on a lounger by the pool, sunscreen in one hand, cocktail in the other! We don’t like the hassle of going to the airport to check in our luggage and go through security, or even getting on the flight, although it is all part of the journey.

We often cut corners when working towards a difficult pose to get to our destination faster without fully enjoying the experience. So, I want you to imagine your dream posture as a long-haul flight to Australia. Sometimes our impatience to get to the airport can make us take shortcuts – of course, this doesn’t…

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