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Engageable helps you learn to recharge and focus


ISTE Live was the subject of my third note last Friday. I Engageable is the only tool in the expo focusing solely on SEL, and other similar ideas related to the well-being and overall health of students and educators. Here’s a quick overview of Engageable if you haven’t looked at it yet. 

Swivl offers a service called Engageable that is free. Engageable used to be called Focusable during the 2022-23 academic year. Although the name has changed the goal remains the same. This is to teach students and teachers how to focus and recharge before moving on to a new task. 

Engageable runs in your web-browser. Apps for Android and iOS are available. All three options function in the exact same way. You’ll find “pulse”, “recharge” and other options when you first open the app. You can choose pulse to start a quick breathing exercise before you begin working on your task for 5 minutes. After the five-minute focus block, you are asked to describe how you felt. You can then start a new focus session, or move on to a “recharge activity” after recording. Guided breathing is one of the recharge activities.

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