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Ecclesiastical court judgments – August (II)


Review The ecclesiastical courts’ judgments in August 2023 (II).

Fourteen court judgments consistory were published in August. The five that appeared in this issue are among them. first part All of the articles in this round-up are related to Building works, such as extensions and reorderings. This Second part Review the remaining judgements on Church Treasures/Sale of Paintings/Loans/MemorialsExhumation, and Churchyards and burials; also CDM Decisions and SafeguardingCFCE Determinations;  and Links to other posts relating to ecclesiastical law.

Church Treasures/Sale of Paintings/Loans/Memorials

Re St Mary and All Saints Willingham [2023] ECC Ely 4 “The church wished to sell a 16th century chalice and paten and a 17th century Paten, which had been valued at £18,500, £8,500 and £5,500 respectively. The reasons given for the proposed sale were that the items were not used for health and safety and security reasons. the church could not afford to insure the items to their full value. They were currently stored at a bank changing £750 per year for storage. Although the usual presumption is against the sale of church treasures, except in exceptional circumstances, the petitioners claimed that there were exceptional circumstances – principally,…

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