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Ecclesiastical Court judgements 2023


Summary of the ecclesiastical Court judgments reviewed in 2023 and links to previous annual reviews

In 2023, we reviewed 110 court decisions consistory, including:

  • Reordering, extension and other building work [47]
  • Church Treasures/Sale of Paintings/Loans/Memorials [6]
  • Audio Visual Equipment [2]
  • Exhumation [30]
  • Churchyards, burials [23]
  • Organs [1]
  • Fonts [1]

Also reported CDM Decisions and Safeguarding, Reports by the Independent Reviewer, Privy Council BusinessVisits The following are some examples of how to get started: CFCE DeterminationsAlso, Links to other posts The law of ecclesiastical institutions.

Building works, such as extensions, reordering and building work

  • Reordering of major importance [3]
  • Reordering or alternative uses [14]
  • Other building work, including re-roofing [12]
  • Removing and replacing pews [5]
  • Net zero issues [13]

Reordering of major importance [3]

Re St. George The Martyr Preston [2023] ECC Bla 2 Extensive reordering works They were also proposed. The petitioners’ justification was sufficient for the Chancellor to grant a faculty. [Re St. George the Martyr Preston [2023] ECC Bla] [Top of section] [Top of post]

Re St. Michael le Belfrey York [2023] ECC…

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