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Earn, Save, and Give What You Can


Could you give a valid reason for refusing a large raise offered by your boss? Coach Tony Bennett, the University of Virginia men’s basketball coach, had the best reason of all: to bless other people.

In 2019, Coach Bennett’s team won their first NCAA Championship title in program history. Bennett received a large raise from the university. Bennett was grateful for this offer but rejected it. “I have more than I need,” he said. “I’m blessed beyond what I deserve.”

Coach Bennett consulted his spouse before refusing the money, as any wise husband would do. Both agreed they had plenty, and they thought about how to use the money to bless others.

They asked that the money be divided between his coaches and used to support other athletic programs at the university. They also donated $500,000 of their own money to a career-training initiative that benefited current and former UVA men’s basketball players.

This is a great view of success. Strive. Achieve. You should be excellent in what you do. Enjoy the fruits and rewards of your hard work. Just…

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