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Dutch Oven Buyer’s Guide


Our buying guide reveals the reasons why a Dutch oven is a great investment. What other cooking tool is so versatile? The Dutch oven has many different origins, just like its many talents.

In one version, an Englishman called Abraham Darby, who lived in the early 1800s, saw the Dutch cast brass cooking pots using sand. Cast iron was his solution to a cheaper product when he returned to England. In 1707, Darby patented the process, and it’s thought that he named the pot after the Dutch method of casting.

Dutch traders are credited with popularizing the name Dutch Oven. Still others believe it was Dutch settlers from Pennsylvania who used cast iron pots and kettles to cook. So, however the term Dutch oven came to be, it’s standard thinking that we have the Dutch to thank.

There’s no doubt that Dutch ovens have evolved and become more refined since those early days, but the reasons we love them certainly haven’t changed. Cast-iron Dutch Ovens are excellent heat conductors and are incredibly versatile. With the current…

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