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Dogster’s July 2023 Dog Holidays, Events and Holidays


The first time Dogster published the article Dug up at Dogster: Dog Events and Dog Holidays for July 2023 by Lauren Katims Executive Editor Dogster. Copying whole articles violates copyright laws. These articles, which you may not know, were paid, assigned and contracted. Therefore, they aren’t public domain. Please share the first paragraph and link to the full article on Dogster.com.

How do our furry friends spend their summers this year? They’re making splashes in the pool, chomping down on yogurt-berry pupsicles, and showing off their most festive 4th of July outfits! Thank you to all our readers for sharing your pups’ photos with us.  We’re showing them off on our Dogster social media pages – check out our #dogsterdogs in action! This summer, I’m working with my pups on their comfort levels near the water. We’re making progress! This weekend, Emmy and I will graduate from the pool. We’ll go on a paddle-boarding adventure at the lake near our house. Emmy has always hated getting wet, so she’s come a long way.

This month, think about how you will keep your dog.

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