Home Technology Modders are putting Armored Cores inside Elden Rings.

Modders are putting Armored Cores inside Elden Rings.


As much as I've enjoyed Elden Ring, I've always thought the Lands Between don't have enough giant robots stomping around—unless you count the Wandering Mausoleums, but that's a philosophical debate for another time. Luckily, that's a problem we might someday see solved thanks to modders like Zullie the Witch, a prolific Souls dataminer whose most recent work involves Armored Cores are a pain in the Elden Ring.  Before you get too excited: No, it's not pilotable. Actually, it can't even move, but let's give modders time to cook. Mechs must also take baby steps.

In the YouTube video showcasing the Armored Core's sortie across games, Zullie explains that the crossover was possible because both games share the same development engine. In fact, it's a lineage that FromSoft games have shared since Armored Core 4 in 2006, each game built on an offshoot of the same foundational engine. Modders can use tools developed for Elden Ring in Armored Core 6 to create their own great and horrible designs. These same tools enabled the horror of porting CJ into AC6 less than a day after the game's release….

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